Tyler looks up at the big dragon. He says to it, "This is my city! You aren't allowed here!"

The dragon taunts Tyler. It blows purple smoke in his face. It laughs, "Oh yeah? What are you going to do?" The dragon sizes him up. "You're so tiny and little!"

Tyler laughs victoriously. "That's because you haven't seen my real power!" Tyler twists around and orange light shines on his chest. A big "T" appears, in the middle of a black diamond. Tyler has great muscles now and is ten feet tall!

The dragon yelps in fear and Tyler jumps up and punches the dragon right on the nose! It tries to run away but Tyler grabs its tail. The dragon begs, "I'm sorry! Please let me go!"

Tyler ignores the shouts the dragon makes and drags it to a cave. He ties the dragon's tail around a spike and says, "Nobody attacks my city! You'll have plenty of time here to think about what you did."

But Tyler's great voice shakes the cave and rocks start to fall to the floor! He runs out of the cave. He looks back and sees the dragon. It pulls at its tail to get free but the knot is too tight. The rocks start to hit the dragon in the head and it shouts. Tyler runs in to save the dragon from the rocks, but he doesn't make it in time! A big boulder lands on the dragon's head.

Tyler goes to the killed dragon's head laying on the ground. He rubs its back and sheds a tear. Tyler stands up and watches the sunset from the cave. He walks back to the city and the people thank him for saving them from the dragon!

The teacher with a reptile tongue and green skin hisses at Tyler. "Do your schoolwork!"

Tyler says smugly, "I've been following your orders for long enough, Mrs. Jenna. It's time you learned something for a change!" He jumps out of his chair and stands on the table. Mrs. Jenna stretches her neck to look up at him.

"Get down!" Mrs. Jenna threatens Tyler with her wood ruler. "Get down from there at once!"

The other students watch while Tyler spins and turns into Tyler the Terrific! Tyler winks at Jessie before he turns to face Mrs. Jenna. Her tongue flicks with anger.

Tyler jumps down in front of Mrs. Jenna, his head almost touching the ceiling. He can smell her stinky breath. He picks her up and she screams to be put down. He carries Mrs. Jenna out the back of the classroom and throws her into the dumpster! He says to her, "There you go, in the trash like you belong!"

"Curse you, Tyler the Terrific!" Mrs. Jenna scowls angrily.

The students cheer for Tyler when he returns to the classroom! He tells them humbly that he was only doing his duty. "Teachers like that need to have a taste of their own medicine!"

Tyler brandishes the orange "T" on his chest. The sun shines off his white smile. He surveys the lunch room and he spots Jessie sitting alone! He puts his lunch bag down on her table and sits next to her.

"Hello," Jessie says.

Tyler asks her, "Why are you sitting alone?"

"It's because nobody likes me." Jessie frowns.

Tyler gives Jessie a hug. "That's not true. I like you!"

Jessie looks at him and her eyes are bright. "Really?"

Tyler nods. "I've always liked you! You're terrific!"

Jessie laughs. She says, "I like you too, Tyler. You're so strong and brave!"

Tyler says humbly, "I'm only doing my duty."

Jessie asks, "Do you want to come over and play after school?"

"Yes!" Tyler says.

After school Tyler goes over to Jessie's house and they play soccer in the back yard. Tyler kicks the ball so hard it flies over the house! Jessie and Tyler laugh. When Tyler's mom comes to pick him up he wishes he could never leave.

Jessie tells Dustin, "Let go of me!"

Tyler sets his books in his locker. He closes and walks to Jessie. He asks, "Is this thug bothering you?"

Dustin tries to push Tyler away. "Hey, butt out!" Spit flies from his lips and lands on Tyler's cheek. Tyler wipes it away and stares angrily at Dustin. Dustin shouts, "Get lost!" All of the students hear and begin to watch. Jessie looks at Tyler, her eyes begging him to help.

Tyler rolls up his sleeves. He says to Dustin, "You think you're a tough guy?" Dustin laughs at him.

Tyler punches Dustin hard in the stomach! Dustin's eyes bulge and he grabs his belly with his hands. He grunts, "You little dweeb!" Dustin swings to punch Tyler but he ducks and Dustin's fist hits the metal locker. "Ouch! I'll get you for that!"

The students cheer Tyler the Terrific on. He punches Dustin in the face and knocks out a tooth. Dustin starts to cry. He shouts, "Leave me alone!"

Tyler says, "Get out of my sight." Dustin runs away, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Jessie hugs Tyler tightly. "I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you so much for saving me from that creep!" She kisses him and the students all cheer.

Tyler's danger senses begin to tingle. He runs out of the house and looks around to find what's wrong. It's in the direction of Jessie's house! He runs as fast as he can. He runs past a police officer who tries to pull him over but can't keep up!

He jumps high over a fence and sees Jessie in the car with her dad. He catches up and knocks on the window. Jessie sees him and says, "What are you doing here, Tyler the Terrific?"

"I've come to save you!" Tyler opens the door and scoops Jessie out. He slows down and they watch the car keep going.

Jessie asks, "Save me from what? There's nothing wrong!"

"I don't know." Tyler says, "I sensed that you were in danger."

Before he could finish explaining, there was a great explosion where the car had gone. A big truck had run straight into it! Jessie gasps. "Dad!" Tyler runs with her to see what happened.

Jessie's dad wasn't breathing. Jessie holds his hand and cries. Tyler finds the man in the truck. He was okay, and Tyler asks him what happened.

The truck driver says, "I accidentally ran into him! I was thirsty and I forgot to watch where I was going while I was drinking."

Tyler shakes his head. Tyler takes him to the ocean and drops him in the middle. "Now you'll have all the water you could want!" He runs back to Jessie and gives her a hug. He tells her that the truck driver got what he deserved.

Jessie says, "Thank you for saving me! I love you, Tyler."

Written by Sophie Kirschner